A Day in the District: Jessica Schneider – Clover Hill

Clover Hill District Supervisor, Jessica Schneider

A Day in the District highlights each County Supervisor’s favorite spots, hidden gems and the facts and anecdotes that make their district special. Representing Clover Hill  is District Supervisor, Jessica Schneider. 

Being a dog lover, Rockwood Park is the ideal spot to take my pups for a stroll on the over five miles of paved and unpaved trails or visit Ruff House Dog Park. Rockwood Park is the county’s oldest park and one of the most popular because of its convenient location and numerous features. 

Visitors, both young and old, will want to check out the Rockwood Nature Center, home to numerous native reptiles and amphibians. While you’re there, take your shot in one of the instructional archery range’s programs too. 

I love ending a day spent out in nature with a visit to River City Sportsplex with friends and family. You can’t talk sports tourism in the region without talking about River City Sportsplex. With year-round elite sports offerings, like the Summer Rumble and Jefferson Cup, and live music from some of the most popular performers at Chesterfield After Hours Concert Series, there’s no need to travel far for an evening of entertainment.