Programs and Activities in Chesterfield

Disc Golf at Goyne Park

Chesterfield Parks and Recreation offers nearly 800 programs each season, so there’s truly something available for everyone and all abilities to pick up new skills, refine hobbies, make friends, and have fun! The county boasts two rivers, 67 parks, 12 athletic facilities and 44 miles of trails that facilitate a wide range of recreation possibilities. There are a wide variety of activities with programs are tailored to youth, adults, adults over 50 (Active Lifestyles), and therapeutic recreation in locations across the county including Rockwood Nature Center and four recreation centers (Beulah, Bensley, Ettrick, and Stonebridge). From book clubs to whitewater kayaking – you’ll find something you love to do with Chesterfield Parks and Recreation.

Programs are scheduled in three sessions per year. Visit to access the online catalog of classes in ActiveNet. Search for the activity you prefer (basketball, card games, archery, horseback riding, paint, book club, chair fitness, paddle, gardening, and so many more), or choose from the categories provided and browse the options. Activities are held in recreation centers, nature centers, libraries, and parks around Chesterfield and a few excursions extend to locations beyond the county borders.