A Day in the District: Mark Miller – Midlothian

A Day in the District highlights each County Supervisor’s favorite spots, hidden gems and the facts and anecdotes that make their district special. Representing Midlothian is District Supervisor, Mark Miller. 

Midlothian District Supervisor, Mark Miller

As a long-distance runner, I like to take in the natural beauty of the Midlothian District while putting in the miles. My favorite ten-mile loop begins in Ramsgate, takes me to Queenspark and then across Huguenot at the train tracks at Cranbeck and over to Robious and into Settlers Landing finally making my way over to Huguenot Park and back through Queenspark and back to Ramsgate.  Always a wonderful run.  

One of my favorite events to attend is Live Red’s Robious Landing Triathlon, which takes participants through Robious Landing Park and several beautiful neighborhoods in the district. Robious Landing Park provides easy access to the James River for kayaking, canoeing, rowing, and fishing. The 102-acre site also houses over 3 miles of trails, playgrounds, picnic shelters and sand volleyball. The park is on the Virginia Bird and Wildlife Trail, with several species of birds, amphibians and reptiles to see.  And, of course, there is always the Sportsbackers Tacky-light run!

Mid-Lothian Mines Park is an interesting and beautiful spot to stroll with friends and family. As one of the first major industrial sites in the United States, the park became a 44-acre preserve when it opened in 2004. The Grove Shaft ruins tell the story of the violent Grove Shaft mine explosion that trapped 32 men on Feb. 3, 1882. 

Not too far from the park, the county’s newest library, Midlothian Library, provides 25,000-square-feet to host story time, arts and crafts, and programming for children. One of the neatest new features of the library is the digital media lab, which houses a 3D printer as well as a green screen. Finish your day back outside at the library’s outdoor patio and reading garden to view the native plants and other scenery while reading. The Midlothian District is a fun mix of old and new.